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Mon, 04 December 2023
The next deadline for
Issue No.1640 (7 December edition) is at noon on 30 November
Issue No.1641 (21 December edition) is at noon on 14 December

— Magazine Issued: Every 1st and 3rd Thursday—


  • Deadline is Noon on Thursdays, a week before the issue date.
    (It will be placed on the website the following Tuesday and in the magazine the following Thursday.)
  • Express Service
    If you have missed the deadline above, you can still place your advert until 17:00 on the following Monday with an extra cost of 30% of your total price. Once you choose the next issue, the price will added automatically. *If the following Monday is a bank holiday, we do not accept express service.
  • The online application allows up to 25 lines, so please e-mail us at このメールアドレスは、スパムロボットから保護されています。アドレスを確認するにはJavaScriptを有効にしてください if your advert has more than 26 lines.
  • Personal details are required for each application.
  • Please enter VAT No. if you are a company based in EU (apart from the UK).
  • Eikoku News Digest reserves the right to change the text on any advertisement if necessary.
  • Copies of qualifications are required for advertisements relating to medical treatments.
  • Please contact us at このメールアドレスは、スパムロボットから保護されています。アドレスを確認するにはJavaScriptを有効にしてください if you do not receive a confirmation e-mail within 24 hours following the submission of your online application.
  • Personal information will be treated as confidential; your credit card details will not be stored on our system.
  • Eikoku News Digest reserves the unconditional right to limit or refuse any advertisements submitted for publication.
  • Eikoku News Digest does not take any responsibility for advertisements.
  • Your advert will be placed both in the printed magazine and on the website.
  • Please make an entry for any request or inquiry in the 'Note column' at the bottom of the online application.

The number of characters per line

  • The cost will be calculated automatically. Please be patient.
  • 1 line: 16 characters in Japanese, or 32 characters in English
  • Translation service will be available with an extra cost of 30% of your total price. If you wish to have this service please select [Translation from English to Japanese] option.


  • Rates
    First 5 lines =£15
    6-23 LINES=£4.50 per additional line
    E.g.:8 lines ad would cost £4.50×3 + £15 (First 5 lines) = £28.50
    (Enquiry via email:£4.50 / per line)
  • Options
    BOLD TEXT: £4.50 / per line
    BOX option: £15 (Inc. free bold text for one line)
    Link from our classified page on the website to your URL: £5/per link
    IMAGE (PHOTOGRAPH or LOGO) option: £20
    Instant ads posting on the Web: +£10
    ※ Your advert will be updated on our website within one working day as well as being placed in the next available printed issue.*
    * You may experience service delay due to temporary technical reasons.
    Sample copy: UK £2.00, Others: £5.00
    For a cancellation made by Noon on Thursdays, a week before issue date: £5
    For a cancellation made after Noon on Thursdays, a week before issue date: Full amount of your advert.
    *Cancellation requests can only be accepted via email.
    Please send to: このメールアドレスは、スパムロボットから保護されています。アドレスを確認するにはJavaScriptを有効にしてください


  • 1-11 insertions: Credit/Debit card(VISA/MASTER/AMEX)payment will be accepted.
  • More than 12 insertions: Credit/Debit card(VISA/MASTER/AMEX)or Bank Transfer payment will be accepted.
  • If the cardholder's name is different from the customer's, please complete the Billing Address section.


We take your privacy and the protection of your personal data seriously. By using our services you agree to our privacy policy.

Please read out our privacy policy to find out more.

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